PDF Menus vs. Responsive HTML Menus: It’s Not Even Close

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We’ve covered the highlights of this topic in previous posts, including 7 Deadly Sins of Restaurant Websites. Having your restaurant menu displayed as only PDF menus on your website is bad for you and bad for your customers. So why do so many restaurants do it? In talking with restaurateurs I’ve encountered two main reasons with a third reason brought … Read More

Instagram Success: 5 Steps for a Winning Restaurant Strategy

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Instagram Success Strategy for Restaurants

Right now, Instagram is my favorite social media platform for restaurants. It’s visual, it’s friendly (commenters skew way more to the positive), and it’s still fairly ‘unregulated’ (unlike Facebook which has bee seriously curtailed the reach of businesses).  In a previous post, I dropped 7 tips for maximizing social media for your restaurant. If you haven’t read that one, please … Read More

Maximize Social Media: 7 Action Items for Your Restaurant

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Maximize Social Media - 7 action items for your restaurant

Develop a social media strategy Like most things, your social media will be more successful if you don’t just start out willy-nilly posting anything and everything that comes to mind. Coming up with a strategy will help you be consistent and help you to understand what’s working and what’s not. When defining your social media strategy, the S.M.A.R.T. framework is … Read More

The 7 Deadly Sins of Restaurant Websites

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Nothing is more important and potentially more effective for marketing your restaurant than a quality website. Many elements go into creating effective restaurant websites, some of them visible, but a few are not. We’ve identified 7 problems we typically encounter with restaurant websites. They’re deadly, they’re sins, and they are surprisingly common. Chances are, your restaurant is committing at least … Read More

Local SEO: Get Your Restaurant Ranked in Local Searches

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Local SEO: Get Your Restaurant Ranked in Local Search

There is nothing more powerful or cost-effective for your modern marketing strategy than your website. This goes double if you are in a tourist-heavy city or a university city with tons of people coming and going regularly. Locals and visitors are looking for places to eat and savvy diners don’t rely on pamphlets or coupon books. More and more, they … Read More

Professional Photography: Why You Need It for Your Restaurant

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Professional Photography: Why You Need It for Your Restaurant

Full disclosure: I am a food photographer. This makes me very biased about why restaurants need professional photography. Given my background, you might think this is a very easy article to write. But it has actually been pretty difficult for two main reasons. The first one is, as I stated, I am biased. So, writing an objective article about this … Read More

DIY Website: Will It Work for Your Restaurant?

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Pretty much every business needs a website in today’s digital world. If you’re not online, you won’t be on people’s radar. This is absolutely true for restaurants. Studies show that 92% of people search online for restaurants and 75% of them take a look at the menu online before making a decision. Yet, many restauranteurs are reluctant to shoulder the … Read More