If your restaurant is not a brand, then it’s just a commodity.


The logo is only one component of your restaurant’s branding but it can be the most instantly recognizable. A well-designed logo embodies the meaning of your restaurant brand with visual clues that align with your brand image. When we design a logo we consider the character of the restaurant and how it represents the overall brand and then design a unique statement.


Menu/Promo Design

All of the visual elements of your restaurant are part of your identity. Few are more visible than your menus. Even the most complex menus should be organized and simple to read. We have the experience and expertise in print design for menus and other promotional materials such as mailer postcards and table tents.

Online Marketing

Another important part of identity is your online presence, in addition to website design, social media, online promotions, and building an email list can be invaluable tools for expanding your brand online and keeping your restaurant visible in a sea of restaurants. We can advise on the best strategies for getting the most return on your investment.


Your Restaurant’s Brand

Your restaurant’s overall brand is more than what you put out into the world, it’s how it’s received. People buy products but they have relationships with brands. We can help you create a consistent feel to your restaurant and messaging that will help reinforce the relationship with your customers.